Doculand specializes on production, international co-production and marketing of documentary films and programmes for related media.

The company’s activities are based on the profound professional experience of its co-founder and managing director.

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Christian Lehmann-Feddersen

Born in Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany;

Majored of Journalism at the University of Hamburg and Hans-Bredow-Institute, further formation as television journalist at NDR-Radio & TV, free- lance journalist engagement at NDR, WDR, HR (ARD);

Zentral-Film-Verleih Hamburg e.V.
Co-founder and Managing Director of the 16mm film distribution company Zentral-Film-Verleih Hamburg e.V.;

Founder and Managing Director of IGELFILM GmbH – Production and Distribution, Hamburg: Production, financing and world-sales of documentaries and children’s programmes;

Co-founder and co-managing director of  KIDCON Kinder-Medien Konzepte GmbH, 32  % shareholder, with Nordisk Film / Egmont Group, Copenhagen, and Anima Studio, Hamburg. Production of animation series for Sesame Street, Nordisk, Kodansha to name but a few.

AMI Associated Media GmbH & Co. KG
Co-founder and Managing Director of AMI Associated Media GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin; owner of international licensing rights for approximately 100 hours of animation and documentaries;

President and CEO of IGEL MEDIA AG, Hamburg; stock market flotation IGEL MEDIA AG, Hamburg. World-sales, production, financing of documentaries and children’s programmes; Sale to Mondo TV, Italy, now acting as MIM Mondo Igel Media AG.

TNM Transfer Film Neue Medien GmbH
Co-founder, shareholder, executive producer TNM Transfer Film Neue Medien GmbH, Berlin;

Doculand GmbH & Co. KG a.A.
Co-founder and 33 % shareholder of doculand GmbH & Co. KG a.A., Controller, Member of the Board. Merger with AMI Associated Media GmbH & Co. KG;

Doculand Associated Media GmbH & Co. KG.
Managing Director and Executive Producer of Doculand Associated Media GmbH & Co. KG.



The Cousins
2 x 45 mins, 1 x 90 mins. Documentary film on European history, co-author, producer and executive producer of the first ever West-German associate production with state-owned DEFA Studios of the German Democratic Republic;

The Plonsters
103 x 3’ clay-animation series, co-producer, international co-production with Nordisk Film Copenhagen and Anima Studios Hamburg for Sesame Street and Kodansha Tokyo.

A Christmas Carol
(Charles Dickens), 90’ theatrical feature animation film directed by Jimmy Murakami, originator, co-author, co-producer, international co-production with The Illuminated Film Co., Ltd., London.