Out of Córdoba



A Documentary Film By Jacob Bender

83 mins., English, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, associate producer, co-production with MLK Producciones, Spain, Jacob Bender, USA, for Canal Sur, TV de Andalucia, Junta de Andalucia.

“Out of Córdoba: Averroes and Maimonides in Their Time and Ours is the story of the film’s director, Jacob Bender, an American Jew and peace activist, who, after the attacks Sept. 11, 2001, attempts to recover hope and his belief in the possibility of interfaith dialogue and reconciliation. Following in the footsteps of two of the leading personalities of medieval Spain, Averroes and Maimonides, one a Muslim, the other a Jew, he undertakes a journey around the Mediterranean, visiting Spain, Morocco, France, Egypt, Palestine, and Israel. Along the way, Jacob meets Muslims, Jews, and Christians, who — inspired by the two “wise men of Córdoba” and their advocacy of reason over superstition — are utilizing their religious traditions as sources of tolerance, democracy, and human rights.

Direction and screenplay: Jacob Bender; Producer: Jose A. Hergueta; Photography: Leif Karpe; Editor: Martin Kayser Landwehr; Composer: Antonio Meliveo. Additional music: Marcel Khaliffe, Yuval Ron, Josée Wolff, Elisa Toledo With participation of: Canal Sur Televisión. Funders: New York Foundation for the Arts, Empresa Pública de Gestión de Programas Culturales (Consejería de Cultura, Fundaciones Junta de Andalucía), Foundation Alwaleed bin Talal, United States Institute of Peace, William and Mary Greve Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New Cork, Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterraneo and Casa Sefarad-Israel, Plan Nacional para la Alianza de Civilizaciones. Co-production: Spain-U.S.A.-Germany. Year: 2009. Format: HD; Length: 80 min. Language: Spanish, English; Locations: Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, Israel and U.S.A.

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